Essential Grooming

A “must” for the ladies! Waxing is quick and easy, great for removing any area of hair and gives much better results than hair removal creams or shaving. With the increasing popularity of exotic treatments such as intimate Brazilian bikini waxing, it is anything but the poor relation of hair removal. We offer everything from leg waxing to intimate hot waxing… so Urban Chill welcomes you to Hollywood!!

Warm Wax

Half Leg Wax – 3/4 Leg Wax – Full Leg Wax – Standard Bikini Wax – Underarm – Facial Waxing

Hot Wax

Underarm – Brazilian Bikini Wax – Playboy Bikini Wax – Hollywood Bikini Wax –

Facial Waxing

Threading of Facial Hair – Upper Lip – Chin – Upper Lip and Chin – Forehead – Full Face

(Do not have heat treatments 24 hours prior to or after waxing. Exfoliation is essential before waxing. We recommend the use of Germapil as prevention for in growing hairs.)

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